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Version 3.0 of bot. Will be converted to use .net core.

Major Changes

Entire re-write to utilize .net core instead of node.js / typescript.

  • Logic was added to migrate your current configurations to the new version of the bot.
  • For me as a developer, it is MUCH easier to add new functionality.

Minor Changes

Channel Configurations

There will no longer be seperate notifications to the officers channel. Although, this was togglable before, after revewing use of the bot, I determined the additional notification was not required.

Instead of a member's channel, officer's channel, etc... You now have: * Welcome Channel * If, you configure the bot to welcome new users, it will be announced in this channel. * WAR Channel * This is where warbot will send the war started messages. * Officers Channel * This will be used for user and bot management purposes. * Updates Channel * If you wish to see news regarding warbot (Will not happen frequenetly) it will happen in this channel. * Example of news, would be a message to come read this article when version 3.0 is pushed to production.

New Commands / Updated Commands

Guided Setup Process

  • bot, setup

This will guide you though the complete setup process, and ask you simple questions.


  • You can now initiate votes, with up to 10 options.
    bot, vote 5m Should we release warbot 3.0?

Adjustable Prefix

bot, set prefix !
If you forget the Prefix, you can always address warbot by doing @WarBot, help!

Remind Me

  • Ever want a reminder for something? WARBot can assist with that now!
    bot, remind me 1d Do Something
    bot, remind me 1m do something in a minute.
    bot, remind me 10:02:12 Remind me in 10 hours, 2 minutes, and 12 seconds.
    alias: bot, remind {span} {message}
  • If WARBot is unable to send messages in the channel where the command was entered, WARBOT will DM you instead.
  • As well, this command can be used in a DM to warbot.

Update a user's nickname.

bot, set nickname @User NewNickName
alias: bot, nickname @User NewNickName

Update WarBot's nickname

bot, nickname NewNickName
alias: bot, set nickname NewNickName

Promote and Demote Members

bot, promote @member, [@member2, @member3, etc....]
bot, demote @member, [@member2, @member3, etc....]
bot, set role {RoleName} @User, [@User2, @User3, etc....]
    alias: bot, add role
    alias: bot, remove role
* You can promote one or more users at a time. Just tag multiple users. No commas required. * To See available roles:
bot, set role
    alias: bot, set role ?
* These commands will promote or demote a user to the next configured rank. * Note, if there are multiple WarBot roles, with the same Guild role, the highest warbot role will be used. * Ex: You have Officer set to @Admins, and Leaders set to @Admins. * A user will be promoted from member to Leader, since, it is the same role. * Note, The promote command, will not promote users to above the level of leader. * To promote to server admin, please use: bot, set role ServerAdmin @user, (@moreusers)

Show current configuration

- Show the selected configuration sections
    bot, show config [All, notifications, Channels, Roles]
- Print a list of available options. Multiple options may be selected.
    bot, show config ?
* You can now display a certain config element, or multiple elements. It will default to show all config items.

Last update: December 17, 2022