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The big ToDo list before moving v4.0 to prod.

  1. Communication to all current users of WarBOT.
    • Users will need to remove, and re-add the bot to add the new application commands permissions.
    • All configurations will need to be reset.
  2. Voting / Polls functionality.
    • Needs to be added back in.

Nice to have

  1. Re-implement "Test Messages" functionality.
  2. Add better detection of invalid configurations.
    • ie- detect if we can actually send messages to a channel configured by the user.
    • ensure we can actually manage the roles in both role management, and custom actions.
  3. Custom Command Improvements
    • Ability to add parameters. Ie, User, Channel, Role. etc.
  4. Custom Actions for guilds events.
    • Ie- trigger custom action when user joins / leaves guild.

Last update: December 17, 2022