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Major Changes

#77/#49/#69 Clearing Event Channels

Many of the text inputs now have a button on the right to easily mention a channel or role. I am not a web designer, so, my UI is not pretty. However, it will add the proper tag to mention a channel or role.

You have three options for expected behaviour:

  1. Disabled - Messages will never be deleted.
  2. Individual Message - Individual messages (Those sent by WarBOT) will be deleted after the specified duration between 5 minutes, and one day.
  3. Clear entire channel - After the specified number of minutes after the start of the event / expedition / portal, the entire channel will be cleared.

This functionality is available for:


Only Hustle Wars / Expeditions / Portals supports clearing the entire channel.

This functionality is not currently available for Custom Commands

Minor Changes

Package Updates

Updated dependant packages. No noteworthy changes.

Dockerfile Cleanup

Performed some cleanup on my docker files. This will make it a bit easier for me to roll out versions.

Job Persistence

Since, more functionality is being added in terms of scheduled jobs, I felt it was time to add persistence to the underlying data store.

For performance, and ease of use, a redis backend was chosen which will perform extremely well, while being lightweight and easy to manage.

This will also have the benefit, WarBOT will no longer forget to remind you, when you ask it to remind you of things.


Added missing description field for guild events / clear type.

Added missing duration picker for Hustle events.


Removed duplicate Message Clear for guild events.


Changed minimum clear duration from 0 minutes, to five minutes.

Add delay picker for clear entire channel option.


When using clear method of "Individual Messages", this feature should actually work properly now. It was not working as intended (Or... at all) before, but, does seem to properly work now

Performed cleanup and consolidation of logic for cleaning up messages.

Last update: December 17, 2022