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Upgrading from Version 3 to Version 4.


The upgrade will happen on March 31st, 2022.


This timing is directly due to a DISCORD CHANGE which will be rolled out on April 1st, 2022.

What do you need to do?

AFTER the upgrade has been completed, you will need to perform a few steps manually.

Adding application.commands scope.

Many of you have been running WarBOT for years, long before this scope even existed. As a result of the upgrade, you will need to add this new scope to WarBOT.

After the upgrade, WarBOT will send you a message with a discord link, to grant the missing scope. After you click this link, and add the application.commands scope, everything will work normally.

If you don't take this action, You will not be able to interact with WarBOT at all. In response, WarBOT will remind you to add the missing scope every 6 hours.

Reconfigure the bot

During this upgrade, Warbot's configuration will be wiped. None of your settings will remain. You will need to reconfigure the bot completely.

Luckily, this site has all of the relavent documentation for how to configure the bot using either Commands or via the Configuration Website

Read the documentation

This website contains all of the most up to date information for WarBOT. While none of this documentation is applicable to WarBOT v3, tommorow, WarBOT v3 will no longer exist, and everything will be updated to version 4.

Send Feedback

If you notice any issues at all, or have any problems, you can join the WarBOT Discord server by either clicking the discord head at the bottom-right of this webpage, or by using the discord command /help.

Any and all feedback is useful and helpful.

Last update: December 17, 2022