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Major Changes

This is more or less... a complete re-write of WarBOT.

  • WarBOT no longer has the ability to read messages. This is better for you, for privacy reasons... and better for me, because I don't have to parse and process 20 million messages per day.
  • Everything is now based on discord commands. These are strongly typed, with autocomplete. As well, there are context commands. You can right click on users to promote them, for example.
  • Custom Commands have been added. You can create your own custom commands for your guild now!
  • Configuration Website. Instead of remember which commands to configure functionality, you can configure everything from a browser at
  • Performance. Since WarBOT no longer needs to parse commands and messages coming from over 100,000 users, it will perform much better.
  • As well, WarBOT is now sharded, which will allow multiple processes to handle the load, instead of one process handling everything.

Missing Functionality from Version 3.x

  • Polls are not yet re-implemented

Last update: December 17, 2022