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Major Changes

Enabled setting a message per war.

  • Added the ability to set a message per war.
To set a single message for all wars, do:
bot, set war prep started @Role, The war prep has started!
To set a message PER war, seperate the messages with ';' Must be EXACTLY 4 groups of text seperated by semicolon

Note: You may add embeds, urls, or line breaks. This works for all of the messages, ie, war prep started, war prep ending, war started.

bot, set war prep started @Role War Prep 1 has started;
@Role War Prep 2 has started!;
@Role War Prep 3 has started!;
@here War 4, if you are online!
Note- shift+enter to add a line break.

Added the ability to "Clear" the war channel when every war starts.

This will remove the last 15 days of message from the channel you configured as the WAR Channel.


If enabled, this option will clear the configured war channel every time a new war is started. (Based on the game's schedule. and NOT tied to if your leadership remembered to start the war)

This setting will NOT removed pinned messages (By Design). So, if you want to keep a message displayed between wars, make sure to pin it!

To Enable
enable clear war channel
To Disable
disable clear war channel


These features were requested by the -Hustle Prime- Discord, a good server for recruiting and general information around hustle castle. Feel free to visit them here:

If you have any other requests, please visit the warBOT development server here:

Minor Changes

Bug Fixes

New Commands / Updated Commands

bot, send nudes

  • I added this as a random reply. Don't worry, it IS safe for work.

Last update: December 17, 2022