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Major Changes

  • This release is mostly cleanup, and bug fixes.
  • If the bot is missing a permission for the action you are requesting, the bot will now let you know.

Minor Changes

Minor backend change for managing configurations

  • Remove the old logic for managing the json based configurations used by the old node.js version.

New Guilds

Once upon a time, WarBOT would automatically attempt to configure itself, by looking at the various roles and permissions in your server. Since, the bot now contains a decent setup wizard, By default, it will disable all features, until somebody executes bot, setup. bot, setup is advertised automatically when warbot joins the discord guild.

bot, stats

Stats will now show the total user count.

Bug Fixes

Missing Permissions

  • If WarBOT is unable to post to the channel you configured for WAR notifications
  • AND WarBOT is unable to post an error in the officers channel you configured (if you did)
  • AND WarBOT is unable to DM the owner of the discord server
  • WarBOT will automatically disable sending war notifications to your server.

bot, go away

If you ask the bot to go away, it would return a dialog which you could click to invite the bot back. The dialog will now re-invite the proper bot back. Ie... The dev bot, would leave an embed to invite the prod bot back.

Other misc corrections

  • Corrected an issue where a user's name would not be displayed when we send a notification regarding them leaving the guild

New Commands / Updated Commands

  • bot, reset config / set defaults This config will now reset most of the settings to empty / not configured, instead of guessing what values to use. 'bot, setup' exists to assist with reconfiguration.

Last update: December 17, 2022