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WarBOT v4.0 is now production! Version 4.1.0 is the version currently released to production.

WarBot v3.0 is official retired.

As such, is now utilized for warbot prod, while warbot dev's config site is located at

Each bot will give the proper configuration site when you execute /setup

Performance Issues

Upon firing up the new UI and pointing at production, I noticed it took upwards of 30 seconds to resolve a list of guilds Warbot is apart of. While, Warbot is in.... QUITE a few guilds, this was unexpected.

In order to not delay go-live/release date, I disabled the logic which checks if Warbot is in a guild or not. So... you can now configure a guild that warbot is not yet a member of.

As well, the channel selector is a tad slow, BUT, bearable for the time being. I will address the performance issues in the future.

Other Minor / Misc

Edit form correction

When editing guild events, you would often get an error message saying channel is required, even after selecting a channel. This has been resolved.

Welcome Message

The welcome message (The message you see when you add WarBOT to your guild) has been modified slightly to include a link to this website. (

Last update: December 17, 2022