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Tons of additional validation logic has been added to both the configuration site, as well as the bot itself. This logic will try to prevent you from making invalid configuration changes.

As well, more logic has been added to the bot itself to handle invalid configuration changes more gracefully, and let you know of the issue.


Minor Changes

Improved Validation

Added improved entity validation for many forms. Simplified logic to improve maintainability.

Loading Screen

When loading for the first time, instead of a blank screen, you will see... "Please wait"

Channel Picker

Changes have been performed to the channel picker component utilized for selecting channels for guild events, etc.

Only channels which Warbot can send messages in will be displayed now. This prevents incorrectly configuring channels which warbot cannot access


Removed unneeded permissions

These commands no longer requires ChannelPermission.SendMessages. Responding to a message does not require special permissions.

  • /say
  • /ping
  • /remind
  • /stats
  • /clear
  • /disable
  • /enable
  • /kick
  • /ban
  • /loot
  • /portal
  • /reset
  • /set
  • /show
  • /war
  • /website
  • /about
  • /github

As a matter of fact, Warbot doesn't even require the ability to view the channel for most of the above commands to work... thanks to its revamp of bot permissions.

Removed Commands and Functionality

These commands have been removed


  • This was basically an alias of /say. Since we have a limit to the number of total commands, this one has been removed.

bot, mimic me

  • This was never reimplemented in version 4.0 It was orignally just intended to test random bits and pieces of functionality. Since, the goal is to avoid needing to read messages at all, this command is being removed.

Guild Setup Dialog

  • This functionality is being replaced by

Minor changes to these commands


  • Will now delete up to 14 days, rather then the previously configured 10 days.
  • Updated Message to reflect changes


  • Response modified to just say, "Done."


  • No longer requires any channel permissions.
  • Removed all of the old setup code, which has been replaced by


Misc Cleanup

  • Removed other unused chunks of code which have already been replicated in new modules, or functionality is now available elsewhere.

Other Changes

Hustle Castle War Notifications

When attempting to send configured war notifications, if we are missing permissions, the logic to contact the guild administrator has been updated.

As well, the war event will be automatically disabled. You will need to re-enable it after correcting the problems.

Portal messages already contained the logic to disable the event upon missing permissions, however, they will now deliver an admin notification. Before, they were silently disabled.


v4.0.41 Changelogs

  • Added change notes for v4.0.41. (You are looking at them.)

Last update: December 17, 2022