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Too Many Permissions! I don't want to grant administrator

Well, Warbot actually doesn't require administrator. However, its easier to request administrator, as opposed to the list of permissions actually required.

If, you want to tightly control WarBot's permissions, here is the full list of permissions, along with the reason they are required:

Create Commands in a server

This ability permission is required for WarBOT to create commands in your server. Without it, you will not be able to use any of warbot's commands.

Permissions List

View Channels

We need to see the channels in your guild in order to allow you to choose target channels for actions

Manage Roles

This is needed for Warbot's Role Management feature, as well as any Custom Commands you create with an action to add or remove a user from a role.

Change Nickname

Gives WarBOT the ability to change his own nickname, when you tell him to.

Manage Nicknames

Allows you to change your own, or another user's nickname by typing /nickname

Kick Members

If you plan on using /kick, this permission is needed.

Ban Members

Likewise, if you plan on using /ban, this permission is required.

Manage Events

This permission is required for Warbot to create events. These are optionally used for Hustle Castle Wars

Send Messages

If you want WarBOT to be able to actually send notifications and messages, you kind of need to grant him this permission.

Send Messages In Threads

Hustle Castle can optionally announce war messages in threads, which greatly assists in cleaning up old messages.

Create Public Threads

Likewise, for the above, it needs to be able to create the thread.

Add Reactions

To enable Voting in discord, we leverage emojis. If we cannot add reactions, we cannot create polls.

Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles

If you setup a Custom Command, Hustle Event, or any other action which mentions @here or @everyone, this permission is required.

Manage Messages

Needed for Clear Messages functionality. Cannot delete messages if you cannot manage them.

Read Message History

Also needed for Clear Messages functionality.

Use Application Commands

This is tied into Custom Commands

Last update: December 17, 2022