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Ever needed someone to remind you of something in the future? Well. WarBOT can help you out.

The syntax for reminders is quite simple.

/remind delay:1m message:Hello World

And, in 1 minute, Warbot will send you the specified message.


The syntax for delay is quite simple.

5d = 5 days. 5m = 5 minutes. 5s = 5 seconds.

So.... if you want 6 hours, type 6h. If you want tommorow, type 1d. etc.


You may notice there is a parameter for where.

You can either specify to be reminded in the current channel, or via a DM.


Warbot keeps reminders in its local memory. As a result of this, it will forget things after it restarts...

So, don't expect him to reliably remind you of something in a week. This will be updated soon.

Last update: December 17, 2022