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Major Changes

Portal Remindar

WarBOT will now send a message once a week when the portal is opened!

To Change the message:

bot, set portal (Put your custom message here. Optional to set a message.)

To enable, or disable

bot, disable portal
bot, enable portal

Setup Dialog

You may also configure portal settings, via the setup dialog.

User Left Guild Notification

WarBOT now has the ability to let you know when somebody leaves your discord guild

To enable or disable

bot, enable leave #Channel
bot, disable leave

It may also be configured via the guild setup dialog.

Minor Changes


Dialogs will automatically clean up messages after the dialog is closed.

Show Config

The 'bot, show config' section will now list the settings you have configured for new user greeting messages.

Bug Fixes

Bot's Prefix

I noticed a bug where many people were getting Command not found errors when doing simple things like bot, help.

I realized, they had the prefix set to 'bot' and not 'bot,' so the command was being interpreted as ', help' instead of 'help'.

This release rolls out a fix, which will automatically handle a preceding comma.

New Commands / Updated Commands

  • Added commands related to portal notification management.
  • Added commands related to users leaving the discord guild.

Last update: December 17, 2022