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Privacy Policy

Effective Date 4/1/2022.

What information we collect from users

Custom Commands

Your user ID may be added to custom commands created by guild leaders. This is outside of our control.

Browser Authentication

When you authenticate to, a cookie needs to be stored in your browser to authenticate you.

In the future, it is planned to store your preferred language, however, this feature is not implemented yet.

What information we collect from guilds.

  1. The number of members in a guild. This is used to gauge how much load the bot may be under.
  2. Errors related to your guild. I will see messages for these situations:
    1. If we cannot deliver a critical message, a log will be created stating we could not deliver a message for guild "guild name"
  3. Guilds which have added or removed WarBOT.

How can you opt-out of collection

Given, we do not collect or log any user information, there is nothing to opt-out of.

Any information which is collected, is high-level metrics. IE, how many times has someone used a command, globally.

Last update: December 17, 2022