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/reset config - Fixes

Reset config command will now properly reset Discord event settings, and well as channel clearing functionality.

I would hope this command is not utilized very frequently, as its use-case is to reset EVERYTHING about WarBOT for your guild.

/portal config - Removed.

No sense in having both /portal config and /show config portal. So, /portal config was removed to simplify.

/portal clear - Added

So, you can now configure portal message/channel clearing via command.

/show config - Bug Fixes

Discord gets very unhappy when you create an embed, with an empty field. While, we DO have null checks in place, discord also gets extremely unhappy if the field only contains whitespace.

Added logic to detect fields containing only whitespace, and replace with a suitable value.

Small Changes

/show config

Modified some of the code to improve diagnostics. IE- make it easier to locate a bug.

Last update: December 17, 2022