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#73 /show config now displays expeditions

When executing /show config, you can now view the configuration for Hustle Castle Expeditions.

/show config will show the currently configured clearing method for hustle events.

When viewing hustle castle wars, portals, or expeditions, you can now see the message/channel clearing method used.

#78 Configure Message Clearing via Commands

Added two new commands to configure message clearing functionality via discord commands.

  • /war clear
  • /expedition clear

The commands allow you to configure the method, and delay of message clearing functionality.


These commands will currently default to a one hour delay if you do not provide a value for delay!

Created issue #79 to add in documentation for these new commands in the future.

Minor Changes

Removed GUILD_PRESENCE intent, as we are not utilizing it.

This will save a tiny amount of load.

Last update: December 17, 2022