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No more ADMINISTRATOR permission, by default.

Since, basically the introduction of WarBOT, it has requested the ADMINISTRATOR permission, because, I never actually assembled the full list of permissions it actually can utilize.

This update, changes that. Now, WarBOT will ask for only the permissions which it should utilize. Do note, you do not have to grant the permissions.

However, if you try to use a piece of functionality which requires one of the permissions, it will let you know it is missing that particular permission.

Discord Scopes Validation

Since the move to discord "commands", WarBOT requires a new discord scope, called, "application.commands"

When you invite WarBOT, it should ask for this scope to be added automatically. However, if you have been using WarBOT for the past 6 years, this scope didn't even exist then.

So, I created a job which will run a few times throughout the day, just to verify and validate each guild has this scope added. If your guild does not have this scope added, an admin notification will be sent with a link you can click, which will add the missing scope.

Without this scope, WarBOT cannot create or utilize application commands. This means- basically, you can't use warbot. You will not have access to any of its commands at all.

A note

WarBOT devl will go production TOMMOROW. So.... please make sure to test!!!!

Why tommorow? Discord Major Change

Given.... WarBOT is in over 75 guilds, (812 currently), and requires reading messages to parse commands.... we are 100% affected.

Last update: December 17, 2022