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Version 4.0.43 has been renamed to Version 4.1.0. This should assist with consistency.

Ideally, I want minor version increments to be the versions deployed to production. Incremental updates will only affect Devl.

TLDR; If the version ends in .0, it is deployed to production. Otherwise, it affects warbot devl.

This should make it extremely easy to see which versions are deployed where.

As such, as of the time of this writing, Version 4.1.0 is deployed to production, while this incremental version is deployed to dev.


Privacy Policy / TOS

I am required to maintain a privacy policy and TOS to be in compliance with discord regulations. So, a TOS/Privacy policy has been added.

This resolves Issue 67

Version 3.0 Documentation

Version 3.0 documentation has been removed, as this version of warbot has been replaced by the current version, for which you are viewing the website.


App Directory

WarBOT has been set as discoverable through the app directory of discord. This should provide increased visability to guilds looking to leverage WarBOT.


/stats - Usage Analytics

WarBOT now collects a few additional stats. The stats collected are:

  1. Number of slash commands executed globally.
  2. Number of message context commands executed globally.
  3. Number of user context commands executed globally.
  4. Number of custom commands executed globally
  5. Number of interaction / command failures, globally.

As well, "Messages received" has been removed, Because, WarBOT can no longer receive messages!

This resolves Issue 65

/portal disable has parameter for WAR_NO

Given, portal events are not tied to War events, there was an extra parameter which has been removed.

This resolves Issue 71

Last update: December 17, 2022