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Major Changes

#74 Tagging Channels / Roles / etc via UI.

Many of the text inputs now have a button on the right to easily mention a channel or role. I am not a web designer, so, my UI is not pretty. However, it will add the proper tag to mention a channel or role.

Minor Changes

/reset config

/reset config will properly reset the config now. As well, it will ask a confirmation before resetting the configuration.

#76 Commands with a channel picker will no longer fail

Corrected an issue causing any command prompting for a channel, to fail. As well, these commands will better "cleanup" after themselves, leading to fewer messages.

#60/#70 Added caching for guild channels

This is a quality of life improvement, and adds a caching layer for a guild's channels. This will drastically improve performance while toggling through categories, as you will only have to load the list of channels once.

If you find the channel you are searching for is not listed, first, ensure WarBOT has the SEND_MESSAGES permissions for the channel, and then click refresh.

Default page on

I updated the default page to be slightly more useful then... "Something should go here."

#75 Top-level exception handler

If something unexpected breaks, you will be promoted to log out, and back in again.

This doesn't resolve issue #75, however, this does offer a easy to use method for users to self-resolve the issue

Other Changes (Things you won't notice)

Updated dependant packages
Session Cache Error Handling

In the event WarBOT is unable to decrypt your local session cache, the session cache will be destroyed and recreated, instead of throwing errors.

This is not a very common issue.

Last update: December 17, 2022